Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Program Description

Realizing the importance of promoting the development of small and medium-scale enterprises (SME) to Philippine national development, Miriam College introduced the Entrepreneurship degree program in the late 1990s.

The program aims to prepare young women for a career as entrepreneurs engaged in any craft, trade, or industry in which they may find both personal fulfillment and financial gain. Emphasis is placed on small and medium scale enterprise development, the identification and prioritization of investment opportunities, and the harnessing of organizational skills needed for these businesses to prosper. In addition to learning the basic theories in operating a business, students also develop the mind-set, motivation, self-confidence and decision-making capabilities needed to become successful entrepreneurs.

The program presents students with an option to specialize in a particular field, such as Culinary Arts, Fashion Technology, Product Design and Development or a combination of these areas of specialization. Interdisciplinary core courses and hands-on applications complement these major courses.
The program aims to promote the participation of women in the national economy as competence, creative, responsive and formidable leaders in the entrepreneurial development.

Course Curriculum

Major Subjects

Basic & Advanced Food Preparation
Fashion Illustration & Design
Product Design & Development
Business English
Entrepreneurship Principles and Practices
Principle of Accounting I & II
Business Organization Management
Business Math
Enterprise Planning 1 & 2
Production and Operations Management
Marketing Management
Macroeconomics with LRT
Quantitative Techniques in Business
Events Management
Enterprise Management and Development
Financial Management
International Business
Business Law
Marketing Communication
Family Business Management
Costing and Pricing
Multi-Level Marketing
Industrial Design (Product & Fashion Designing)
Food Preparation and Service
Entrep on Line I & II (Doing Business on the Internet)
Human Resource Management
Business Policy (Strategic Management)
Business Ethics
Business Taxation
Summer Program in the U.S.A

    Career Opportunities

    Product Designer
    Events Organizer
    Fashion Designer
    Deal to Dealers
    Team Builders
    Capital Aggregator

    Venture Opportunities

    Business, Trade and Industry
    Export Trading
    Wholesale & Retail Sales
    Direct Marketing
    New Market Development
    Family Owned Business
    Business Planning & Development
    Product Planning & Development