Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Program Description

The department of Business Administration aims to prepare students for a productive career in business management - whether as members of large business organizations or small business entrepreneurs. The emphasis is on developing the students' analytical abilities to enable them to make decisions under new and varied conditions. Business, Social and environmental responsibilities are given special thrust.

The Business Administration Department of Miriam College offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in 1) E-Business  2) Financial and Investments Management and  3) Marketing Management

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Major Subjects


  Introduction to E-Commerce
  Hardware and Software Basics
  Supply Chain Management
  Management Information Systems
  Designing and Developing 
  Internet Operations Management
  E-commerce Issues I
  International Trade

Financial and Investments Management 

  Financial Institution
  Investment Management
  Advanced Finance
  Capital and Debt Markets
  Personal Financial Planning
  International Finance 

Marketing Management

  Market Research
  Pricing Strategy
  Sales Management
  Advertising and Promotions  
  International Marketing
  Advanced Marketing Issues

Business Core Subjects

  Managerial Accounting
  Macroeconomics with Land     

    Reform and Taxation
  Principles of Accounting I and II
  Business Statistics
  Quantitative Techniques in 

    Business/Operations Research
  Business Software Applications
  Business Communications
  Financial Management
  Human Resource Management
  Production and Operations 

  Business Taxation
  Principles of Management and 


Career Opportunities

Commerce, Trade and Industry

  Accounting and Finance
  Planning and Development
  Market Survey and Research
  Sales and Marketing Pool

Production Management     

  Customer Relations  Management   
  Information Systems
  Web Developer

Banking and Financial Institutions
General Banking Operations

  Executive Planning and Service 

  Central office and Branch 

  Frontline Services and Tellering
  Credit and Collection
  Marketing and External Affairs 

  MIS Services

Government Owned and Controlled Corporations  

  Administrative Offices
  Accounting and Financial Services
  Central and Branch Billing Services
  Planning and Development
  MIS Offices