Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy principally aims to prepare students for the Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and for a career in the field of accountancy and finance.

Intensive training is provided to enable students to become competitive and responsive to the requirements of our increasing globalized economy. Alongside intensive major courses, students benefit from a comprehensive curriculum designed to produce well-rounded and responsible professionals who are multi-disciplinary and conversant in concepts in business, sciences, and other fields. Our graduated are not only competent accountants, but also financial analyst and business advisors who uphold the ethics and principles of transparency and accountability.

Our students’ competencies are developed in the following aspects: organizational development, problem solving; objective and analytical thinking; business and corporate communications and information technology; responsible decision-making; self-motivating techniques and professionalism.

Highlight of the program is an on-the-job training where students are immersed in the business work environment. Students benefit from this through insights gained on real-life work standards and current practices in the Philippine setting, while applying the theories learned in school.

Course Curriculum


Career Opportunities

Public Practice
Audit Manager
Tax Manager
Consulting Manager
Senior Partner
Senior Consultant/Financial Advisor
Commerce and Industry
Senior Information Systems Auditor
Senior Fraud Examiner
Senior Forensic Auditor
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officer

State Accountant V
Director III and Director IV
Government Accountancy and Audit
Financial Services Manager
Audit Services Manager
Senior Auditor
National Treasurer
Vice President for Finance/CFO (for GOCCs)
Assistant Commissioner
Senior Faculty
Accounting Department Chair
College Dean

Major Subjects

Fundamentals of Accounting
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Advanced Financial Accounting 
    and Reporting
Cost Accounting and Cost 
Auditing and Assurance Services
Auditing and CIS Environment
Management Accounting
Integrated Accounting
Accounting Synthesis
Financial Management
Database Theory and Application
Information System and Systems 
Accounting Information System
Income Taxation
Business and Transfer Taxes
Law on Obligations and Contracts
Law on Business Organizations
Law on Negotiable Instruments
Sales, Agency, Bailment and Other
     Commercial Laws 
Human Behavior in an 
Business Policy and Strategy
Mathematics of Investment
Business Statistics
Quantitative Techniques in 
Technical Writing for Business